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Tan Cruisers is a top-rated & modern boat rental company located on the stunning Cycladic Island of Serifos, Greece. The island’s unique location offers visitors access to 72 beautiful beaches and easy transportation to nearby islands and destinations.
At Tan Cruisers, our mission is to provide our customers with the ultimate sea-cruising experience. Our fleet of speedboats offers a wide range of options to cater to every situation and group size.
Whether you are looking for an all inclusive cruise to explore the island’s hidden coves and beaches, take a quick transfer to a nearby island or even rent a boat to discover Serifos yourself,  we have a boat that will fit your needs.
Our two larger speedboat options are rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), which are renowned for their stability, safety, and versatility. The deep-V hull of our RIBs provides a smooth ride, even in choppy waters, and their inflatable tubes offer extra buoyancy and stability. Our boats are also lightweight and fast, allowing you to cover large distances in a short amount of time.
Our crew consists of certified and highly skilled skippers who are passionate about providing our customers with a safe and unforgettable experience. They have extensive knowledge of the local waters and can offer insider tips and advice on the best places to visit, swim, and explore.
At Tan Cruisers, we prioritize safety and security above all else. All of our boats are regularly maintained and undergo rigorous safety checks before every rental. We also provide all necessary safety equipment, including life jackets and first aid kits.
Whether you are looking for a relaxing day on the water or an action-packed adventure, Tan Cruisers has the perfect speedboat for you. Book with us today and experience the freedom, comfort, and style of cruising the stunning waters around Serifos, Greece.

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Welcoming and easy going crew. Our skipper Yiannis was very knowledgable as he is actually a local! The beaches, water and scenery was splendid, snacks and beverages were nice as well. Would definitely recommend
Aimilia Bobolou
Aimilia Bobolou
Υπέροχα και ασφαλή σκάφη τα παιδιά ξέρουν πολύ καλά την δουλειά τους και η ξενάγηση που σου κάνουν στο νησί είναι καταπληκτική!
Αντρεας Καλιανος
Αντρεας Καλιανος
Abbiamo fatto una gita di mezza giornata nel mese di agosto. Belle le spiagge che abbiamo visto. Servizio ottimo. Barca molto comoda e performante. Iannis ottimo skipper!
Vincenzo Di Rienzo
Vincenzo Di Rienzo
So nice, we did it twice! We found Tan Cruisers through @stefgreece on Instagram. From the beginning, communication was easy. Dimitra handled our enquiries promptly. They were very flexible with our private full day tour in terms of departure time which was great too, but obviously dependent on factors like weather and boat availability. The boats were absolutely luxurious. I admit to not knowing anything about boats, but as a tourist they felt top of the range and well worth the money we spent. The highlight, however was Mihali (Michael) our skipper. He is actually the owner of Tan Cruisers and we were very fortunate to have him. He is now a Serifos local, so his island knowledge was terrific. He is very passionate about customer service and ensured that our day was as enjoyable as it could be. He has a very warm and welcoming personality and spoke Greek and English equally well, so was also fantastic to chat to as well which I think also makes for a more enjoyable cruise. We had such a great time the first trip, we immediately booked again for another trip with family. We were fortunate enough to be upgraded to an even more superb boat (felt like a Rolls Royce) and even more fortunate that Mihali extended our time at the end of the day because he wanted us to see more of the island. Overall, an exceptional boat experience that I would recommend 100%, and you can also feel good about supporting a true local business.
Brendan Chan
Brendan Chan
We had a blast, undoubtedly it was a great experience! Alexis is the best skipper ever!
Κωνσταντίνα Αθανασίου
Κωνσταντίνα Αθανασίου
Τέλεια εμπειρία! Την συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα! Πολύ ωραία οργάνωση! Ο Αλέξης ήταν εξαιρετικός και επαγγελματίας στο είδος του!
Ελευθερία Βροντου
Ελευθερία Βροντου
Πραγματοποιησάμε ξενάγηση με το Tan Cruisers, όπου μας εδωσε την ευκαιρια να δουμέ από μια αλλη οπτική το νησί! Ο Μιχάλης μας εκανε το tour άψογος επαγγελματίας με εμφανή εμπειρία στην θάλασσα!!!Όταν επισκεφτείτε την Σέριφο σας συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα αυτή την εμπειρία!
Amazing experience!! Everyone was so nice and they took us to the best spots on the island.
fabienne finkelstein
fabienne finkelstein
Amazing experience so polite and interactive, all the skippers were so friendly
Kentaro Tamura
Kentaro Tamura
it was so much fun! took us to so many different beaches and were open to going anywhere we asked. so friendly and had a great time! a must do if ever in serifos!!
Yuma Tamura
Yuma Tamura

Meet the crew

the team



Meet Alexis.

A biologist by study Alexis has routes from the island of Serifos and used to spend his Summers here.
He was living in the city of Athens for most of his life, but Alexis wanted something more meaningful from life.

As a type of individual that enjoys natures serenity and a good coffee with a sea view early in the morning he decided to renounce the city life and set up his family here in the island for good!

Being in the sea and boating from a young age Alexis was all for making the things he enjoyed a profession, armed with kind manners and a good taste of quality lifestyle he never thought twice when the opportunity hit!

Sit back relax and embark on an unparalleled journey with Alexis as your guide, and discover Serifos Island in a whole new light.



Meet Yiannis.

The definition of a guy with a positive attitude, a work hard play hard type of individual that is backed up by his quiet confidence, he can get along with anyone and I mean anyone!

Yiannis has roots from Serifos and spent the better part of his childhood here.
As fate would have it besides being a talented traditional dancer and singer he proved to be very good at all things related to fishing as well, particularly spearfishing.

Of course that created a deeply routed love for the sea along with his eagerness to engage with people and showcase the splendor of our coastal haven reflects his passion. 

Yiannis quickly moved to boating to support his favourite past time sport.



Meet Dimitra,

and yes, you read correctly Dimitra is a sea Captain certified by the department of commercial navy.

With countless hours on the watch in the bridge and having travelled all around the world Dimitra decided to settle back to Greece.

You could say that Serifos was love on first sight for her as of now summers are spent exclusively there!

Mixing her accounting skills with the undeniable love for the sea and the island along with her lovely personality Dimitra has gained is a key spot in our operations and hearts! 



Meet Michalis.

With a clear tendency in all things that involve engineering and a mechanic by study, Michalis is not afraid to get his hands dirty and step up to the task.

Backed up by that he is able to operate a variety of machinery including but not limited to, powerboats, sailboats, jet-ski’s, planes or even helicopters.

Having spent the majority of his life at sea and around boats, mentoured by his father, Michalis has amassed a wealth of experience.

You’ll either find him soaring in the sky or grinding countless past time activities.
But perhaps a little too keen on  watersports and particularly wakeboarding.
“A fine excuse for me to be in the water for an undisclosed number of sunsets”.



Meet Nikos.

A very well mannered and trained individual you could say he is our ‘guru!’.

Our seasoned pro, this guy has tons of experience as a sailor and has been in the yachting industry for many years.

Nikos was captivated by the island of Serifos and has discovered the hidden gems even before turning it into a profession.

With a goal orientated personality he is more than willing to take on a challenge and at the same time have fun & cracking jokes with the people around him.

Niko’s affinity for the ocean is ingrained in his very being, making him an ideal companion for your aquatic adventures.