The Greek seas provide a unique opportunity to have a wonderful time that you are guaranteed to remember.

However, to ensure the best service quality and to achieve the maximum safety standards onboard some guidelines must be followed.

It is also advisable to take a look at our F.A.Q.  section.

  • About the booking and confirmation procedure:

Using any of our contact methods, preferably the contact form, the customer that wishes to validate their booking should pay 50% of the total sum. Until this is settled the booking is not confirmed.

After successful payment you will receive a confirmation mail with details about your trip

  • Payment and Cancellation

Customer is expected to pay the rest of the total sum of the request at or before the start of the itinerary.

Tan Cruisers holds the right to cancel the reservation should the customer either does not show up at the agreed time or fails to pay, at or before the start of the trip, in that case 50% of the initial deposit is not refunded.

Customer will get a full refund of their deposit up to one month prior to the reservation date.

Less than one month prior to the request, 50% of the booking deposit will be returned and 7 days before the reservation no refund will take place.


Should the reservation be cancelled in case of adverse weather conditions, the customer holds the right to either reschedule or get a full refund of the initial deposit.


What you need to know

Terms and Conditions

  • Safety

All of our boats are licensed by the Greek maritime authorities to operate as commercial speedboats, equipped with more than the adequate safety & insurance features required for their operational environment.

Our skippers are also licensed and very experienced operators with vast knowledge of the procedures, regulations and practices for the sea environment.

  • Renting a boat without a skipper

The customer that wishes to rent a boat using an approved European type of license for speedboat should be informed of the following:

  1. Alcohol consumption is illegal for the operator of the boat, for the safety of the occupants as well as the equipment and others.
  2. Only the individual(s) that has signed up the rental agreement and is the holder of the license number written on the agreement has the right to control the boat.
  3. The operator should have adequate knowledge on how to operate a speedboat, if he/she is found unfit for that purpose, Tan Cruisers holds the right to deny use of the boat. In that case the customer may, for a fee, get a skipper to continue the reservation.
  4. Operator should be informed on the legislation and restrictions that are imposed by the Greek authorities including but not limited to safe use of the boat. 
  5. The operator should always be within limits of their experience capability as well as to stay within the boat’s limitations.
  6. Tan Cruisers is not responsible for covering damages/injuries to persons, animals or property as a result of ignorant or reckless behaviour by the operator or the occupants.
  7. Beaching the boat (taking it on the sand of a beach) is strictly prohibited.
  8. For all docking procedures the provided fenders must always be used to avoid injury and damage. 
  9. Operation in shallow waters <3 meters is prohibited.
  10. The operator should not take the boat more than 3 nautical miles offshore.
  11. Customers are requested to maintain the boat in the condition in which they received it within reasonable limits, failure to do so will result in additional cleaning or repair fees covered by the security deposit below.
  12. Customer is requested to make a security deposit of 800 euros to cover damages not covered by insurance (deductible). The deposit will be refunded back after the end of the trip and after the boat is confirmed to be in good condition as started. In case the boat is found to be in poor condition Tan Cruisers holds the right to deny return of the security deposit.