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half Day Island Cruise

Kimolos is located on the southwestern border of the Cyclades, north of Milos, from which it is separated by the “Amoni Strait”, northwest of Polyaigos and southwest of Sifnos.
The island gave its name to the white rock, the chalk known from the blackboards (called “kimolia” in Greek).
Starting from the port of Serifos our first stop (optional) will be Monastiria and Soufi beaches, two quiet and remote beaches.
As we travel south to Prassa beach, we will see the white rocks from where the chalk is created.
Prassa will be our main stop for swimming and sunbathing. You will also be able to disembark to enjoy the beach and eat at a restaurant with great view.

Kimolos & Polyegos

Full day island cruise

Polyegos is one of the largest uninhabited islands in Greece and one of the most famous boat cruise destinations in Cyclades. Its name translates to “many goats” as it is inhabited only by goats.
Starting from the port of Serifos and travelling to Polyegos we will have the opportunity to admire all the west coast of Sifnos and most of the east coast of Kimolos.
During this trip it is not uncommon to see dolphins somewhere allong the way!
Our first quick stop is at a huge cave with a small beach where you will be able to take pictures from this nature’s creation and of course dive in the sea.
Next destination is Ammoura, a beautifull sandy beach under the Polyegos lighthouse.
Travelling south to Galazia Nera (Blue Bay) beach we will be able to stop for a swim and enjoy the crystal blue water of every beach or spot.
Galazia Nera (Blue Bay) will be our main stop to rest and enjoy some snacks and beverages.
Leaving Galazia Nera (Blue Bay) and travelling North West we will visit Manolonisi with the three little but beautiful beaches behind it and then we will go abeam to Kimolos island.
Uppon arrival to Kimolos on our way to Prassa beach we will visit Rema , Karras and Klima beaches. At Prassa you will have the opportunity to disembark rest and eat.
Our optional last stop before travelling back to Serifos will be Monastiria and Soufi beach, two quiet and remote beaches.